Scaffolding Components

Scaffolding is a temporary structure installed on the side of a building, around a chimney, etc., to provide a platform for workers and materials during construction, maintenance, etc. While there are many types of scaffolding systems, a common one is called freestanding tube and coupled scaffolding – which is popular because it is efficient to transport, intuitive to build and easy to break down. Other scaffolding is designed to be used inside the facility for workers to use overhead equipment, paint, etc. These designs are often limited in height but have other features, such as the ability to fold or retract. Nonetheless, other scaffolding can also be used for special tasks such as the manufacture of aircraft.

Since scaffolding must be compatible with a wide variety of buildings and structures, there are several types of scaffolding available to meet specific building requirements. However, scaffolding usually contains some basic elements, although the way they are designed and the way these elements fit together may vary.

Scaffolding consists of the following parts:

1. Bottom plate

2. Sole plate

3. Standard

4. Ledger

5. Beam

6. Branch

8. Platform/Decoration

9. Fixture standard: EN-74 and BS-15.

10. The height of the toe board should be at least 6 inches.

11. The height of the guardrail (handrail and middle rail) is about 1 meter.

12. Work Platform

13. Ties

14. The ladder shall be secured in three positions.

System Scaffolding Parts

Roof repairs and inspections, temporary access, exterior or interior building renovations, scaffolding parts completely simplify your work. These components prevent the scaffolding from becoming unstable and provide comfort and safety for the teams involved in the construction. Vertical anchor points in scaffolding parts help overcome instability. With Scaffold Parts you can also make suspended platforms for maintenance work, temporary roofs and safety railings as well as edge protection. Its stable nature is a testament to its high-end quality.

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