Base Jack

Material: Q235

Size: M48.3*300/600/900/1200/1500/1800mm or as per your requirement

A wide variety of scaffold base jack, U-shaped jack to choose from

Surfacetreatment : spray paint, powder spray paint, electro

galvanized, hot-dip galvanized

Delivery time: approx. 20-30 days after receipt of deposit

Samples: Available, free samples



Jack Base Scaffolding is an essential component in every scaffolding system, used to adjust the level of the scaffolding when the foundation is uneven, shaped, etc., providing a good solution for construction projects, bridges, tunnels, civil buildings, etc. Widely used in supporting systems such as buildings and plants.

Material #38 #48

Certificates ISO, SGS, CE, 

Advantages High load-bearing capacity, safe and stable

Packaging Bulk or on steel pallets or as per your requirements

Service OEM service

Size #38 #48 or according to your requirements

Application: Our jacks are suitable for ring lock systems. They are widely used in bridges, tunnels, oil, shipbuilding, railways, airports, terminals industrial and civil construction.

Product Specification of Scaffolding Base Jack

Jack Base Scaffolding38#Steel
Jack Base Scaffolding48#Steel

What is a Jack Base Scaffolding ?

The jack base scaffolding is made of a screw tube and metal plate and is assembled with a cast nut.  

Construction is usually carried out at a height above ground level. Scaffolding is used to provide a stable and safe working platform for construction workers on the ground or in places that are inaccessible by ladders or lifting equipment.

Scaffolding is often considered to be a temporary structure for internal or external workers to access. Many workplaces are uneven and scaffold adjustable base jacks help to provide a safe and level working surface at various working heights on the ground.

A  jack base scaffolding is a scaffold base jack used to hold a scaffold horizontally. The adjustable screw jack is mounted on a stable base and contains a large adjustable screw for moving the scaffold up and down. Once the scaffold has been erected, use the base jack scaffold to level the working platform before use. The adjustable U-head jack is designed to be used with the adjustable system scaffold. The main function of the adjustable U-head jack is to hold the beam firmly in place.

Scaffolding base jack product features

1. Simple structure, simple installation and simple structure

2. High efficiency and strong carrying capacity

3. Galvanized surface (durable)

How to install a base jack to level the floor.

Thus, if the building is built on expanded soil, the scaffold screw jack can replace the concrete piers between the solid timber posts and the large beams supporting the floor joists by moving them regularly.

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