Diagonal Brace

Diagonals attach to the rosettes using the same integrated wedge connection as the Ledgers. Diagonal brace can lock very fast, easily and securely into rossette,without extra bolts, nuts or fittings.


Diagonal Bracing

Diagonal bracing provides corner-to-corner diagonal stability for cross braced or straddle braced scaffold towers.

Note: Any assembled scaffold plates, when located at the base of any scaffold tower, will also help to prevent tower movement.

Lianjiang's diagonal supports have sliding clips at each end to hold the scaffold tower square and rigid when moving. Meets OSHA requirements.

Keeps scaffold towers square and rigid

Used with all rolling scaffold towers

Made from galvanised steel

Exceeds OSHA and ANSI scaffolding regulations

Includes 1 square bracket

Diagonal brackets 10 feet Quantity


Prevents collapse of buildings or decks

Bracing can be OSB, metal or Let-in

Deck bracing can be under joists

Roof trusses require bracing

Preventing collapse

Diagonal bracing is a structural component of almost any building. It provides lateral stability and prevents walls, decks, roofs, etc. from collapsing.

Straight down force

If you stand a wall up and nail the base plate to the floor to hold it in place, the wall may look solid if you place the weight on top. If the wall is stable, the wall can support the weight of a direct downward push very well.

Lateral forces

But this is the dreaded test. Climb up the ladder at one end of the wall. Push the end of the top plate as if you were moving the 2x4 plate forward, not side to side, to tip the wall over.

Wind pressure

Without diagonal bracing, the wind would push against the wall, just as you would push against that simple wall to bring it down. The bottom of the wall or house will remain attached to the foundation, but the top will face the direction the wind is blowing until it collapses.

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Diagonal Brace600*1500mmQ195

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