What Are The Advantages of Using Ringlock Scaffolding

Oct. 12, 2022

The sheer scale and complexity of modern construction projects around the world require an efficient, safe, and sturdy scaffolding system that can support any height of circular, angular, or linear constructions.


Ringlock scaffolding system is a multifunctional modular scaffolding system, which is convenient for constructors to assemble, use and disassemble quickly and efficiently. The system uses a minimalist design, allowing small parts to be assembled to support large structures. And widely used by many engineerings. The following are the main advantages of using ringlock scaffolding system.


1. Ringlock scaffolding system is widely used


Whether you are a professional construction worker engaged in offshore construction, shipbuilding, industrial maintenance, road construction, or wall installation, ringlock scaffolding system is vital to your success.


The system is designed to support complex designs so that structures with complex shapes and heights can be easily constructed. You can use them to build independent and mobile towers and circular or linear buildings.


2. Ringlock scaffolding system can be quickly assembled and disassembled


The core of the construction system is the ease of use and efficiency of scaffolding. While ringlock scaffolding system provides a sturdy mechanism for construction workers, it is still easy to install and disassemble.

Ringlock scaffolding

3. Ringlock scaffolding system is very flexible and stable


Construction engineers looking for a system that can be optimized for any facade geometry quickly and safely can rely on ringlock scaffolding system. You can use the rosettes and wedges to lock at different angles and align exactly 45 or 90 degrees.


Ringlock scaffolding system fittings includes:


• Vertical / Standards

• Horizontal / Ledger

• Diagonal / Brace

• Lattice Girder

• Truss Ledger

• Plank / Walk Board


Ringlock scaffolding system can be used with accessories such as side brackets, transoms, infill planks, interlocking toeboard, couplers, etc. Lianjiang provides robust and industry-approved ringlock accessories and systems at an affordable cost.


4. Ringlock scaffolding system has a high load capacity

The design of ringlock scaffolding system enables it to support higher loads than other systems on the market. This makes it suitable for both heavy and light construction activities. The flexibility of the geometric shape of the rosettes facilitates the realization of various construction types through plastic, aluminum, steel or timber formwork.

Ringlock scaffolding

5. Ringlock scaffolding system components are easy to transport and store


Since ringlock scaffolding system assembly is light in weight and easy to disassemble and assemble, it can be easily carried. Unlike other forms of scaffolding, these components take up less space, saving storage and transportation costs.


Lianjiang as a scaffolding manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide a variety of scaffolding products, include ringlock scaffolding system and modular scaffolding. As an expert of ringlock scaffolding, we know all the advantages of using ringlock scaffolding and how to use it. With high-standard production equipment and strict quality control, our ringlock scaffolding system is a popular choice for different construction projects. Contact us at Lianjiang for a sturdy, affordable, and safe scaffolding system.

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