The System Scaffold Explained - Why You Should Have It in Your Inventory

Sep. 22, 2022

System scaffolding or modular scaffolding has long since established itself on the global market. Users on the European continent, in Australasia and North and South America appreciate the easy handling, the fast assembly and dismantling times as well as high safety standards of the system scaffold.


The most popular variants worldwide include Ringlock, Cuplock, Haki and Kwikstage. They all consist of standardised scaffolding bays and modular components. These are connected to each other at fixed points with latch mechanisms. The tightening of nuts and bolds, which is typical for is not necessary with system scaffolds.

Ringlock scaffolding

The fixed sizes, shapes and connection points of the system scaffold have the decisive advantage that assembly, dismantling and modification of the scaffold are easier and faster than with the tube and coupler scaffold. This not only saves a considerable amount of time, but also means that fewer scaffolders are needed to assemble the system scaffold. Especially where trained personnel is scarce, the system scaffold can be particularly cost-effective make up for the possibly higher initial costs compared to the tube and coupler scaffold.


Versatility with fixed connection points


The predefined connection points and bay lenghts in metric or 07 dimensions could easily give the impression that the system scaffold is easier to understand and less error-prone, but at the same time less versatile. Of course, the structure of a system scaffold with prefabricated components differs considerably from that of a tube and coupler scaffold. Nevertheless, it can be optimally adapted to a wide variety of project conditions. On the one hand, this is due to the large selection of components of the system scaffold, which makes it in no way inferior to the tube and coupler scaffold in terms of versatility.

Ringlock scaffolding

The traditional tube and coupler scaffold, on the other hand, has hardly changed over the years. On the one hand, of course, this speaks highly of its versatility and adaptability. However, scaffolding and construction projects are becoming more and more complex, which means that even the versatile tube and coupler scaffold is reaching its limits. It is therefore not uncommon to observe on construction sites how components of the system scaffold have to be resorted to in order to be able to meet the requirements of a project.


If you want to include system scaffolds in your inventory in the long term, it is of course advisable to buy them. You can find out more about if scaffold is worthwhile for you here.

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