Scaffolding System

Scaffolding System

What is scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a temporary structure, stage or elevated platform used to aid construction and maintenance projects at heights. As the construction industry has advanced, and many different styles of construction, various types of scaffolding systems are in use.

Each type is made from several components, which typically include:

1. The base jack or plate, which is the load-bearing base of the scaffolding.

2. Standard, vertical component connection with connector.

3. Ledger, horizontal struts.

4. Beam, a load-bearing member of horizontal cross-section used to hold battens, planks or deck units.

5. Support the diagonal and/or cross-section support components.

6. The slats or deck components used to make the work platform.

7. Couplers, fittings used to connect components together.

8. Scaffolding straps, used to tie the scaffolding to the structure.

9. Brackets for extending the width of the work platform.

Specialized components used to aid in its use as a temporary structure typically include heavy duty load bearing beams, ladders or stair units for scaffolding entrances and exits, beam ladder/unit types for crossing obstacles and removal of unwanted material. Trash chute from scaffolding or construction projects.

Types of Scaffolding Systems

Modular Scaffolding

Modular means using one or more different modules or independent units to form a foundation. Then use that foundation to build something bigger and more complex.

Modular scaffolding is very effective in situations where the structural façade is complex and does not allow for use with traditional scaffolding. Such scaffolding can be placed on both sides of the building and offers a great deal of flexibility.

Ring lock scaffolding

Ringlock Scaffolding is a self-locking tube scaffolding system. It is constructed of high-strength galvanized steel and features a rigid and versatile rosette-type connector.

Ringlock scaffolding is a good choice, but the downside of this type of scaffolding is the number of components (nuts and bolts) that must be maintained.

Why choose Lianjiang

Over 30 years experience on product research development and With complete production equipment, strong R&D ability, advanced technologies, and precise testing equipment. Blince Hydraulic products are of high and stable quality. Blince hydraulic product widely used in the agriculture machinery, engineering machinery, engineering vehicles, plastics machinery, marine equipment etc. We also welcome OEM and ODM orders.Our product exported to the whole world like Southeast Asia, North American, South American, Africa and Europe.

Scaffolding solutions prefer Lianjiang

Scaffolding Solutions is dedicated to providing worker safety, project completion and superior solutions for system scaffolding using Lianjiang. Lianjiang Scaffolding Solutions provides an excellent team of designers and technicians who are highly trained in the safe installation and operation of Lianjiang system scaffolding.

Lianjiangalso provides a risk management team to review standards applicable to site and system scaffolding design. Lianjiang aims to ensure worker safety and minimize safety issues and incidents that prevent project completion.

Choose Lianjiang because it is safe, reliable, versatile, cost-effective and the right solution for your project.


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