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Modular Scaffolding

Modular scaffolding that is based on the conventional tube and coupler method is the modern scaffold of today. Modular scaffolding consists of different tubes and posts. These are connected with each other according to the project’s requirement. In addition to the adaptability it offers, modular scaffold’s components are also very easy to store and transport because they can be stacked on top of each other.


Modular Scaffolding

LianJiang Ring Lock System scaffolding is the industry standard for modular scaffolding, going beyond standard conventional scaffolding construction methods. This universal scaffolding system offers unparalleled adaptability and flexibility and is the scaffolding of choice for industrial facilities, chemical plants, power stations, refineries, construction sites and factories as well as shipyards, airports, theatres, arenas, road and bridge construction sites worldwide. Ingenious. Sturdy. No limitations. In steel and aluminium - it's the original one. The System Scaffold sold by China Scaffolding is ideal for demanding scaffolding applications and where conventional scaffolding technology cannot be used optimally and economically. This universal scaffolding system offers unlimited versatility. For the trickiest floor layouts and assembly situations, or complex building features and compliance with stringent safety requirements - nothing can surpass Lianjiang's adaptability. Thanks to its unique joining technology and unparalleled assembly speed, our system scaffolding for sale is the industry choice for economical, high-quality modular scaffolding. Steel scaffolding (hot-dipped galvanised) is primarily used for constructive and ambitious scaffolding where conventional scaffolding technology cannot be optimally utilised.

Modular system scaffolding is scaffolding that is typically used for heavy construction work. These scaffolds are assembled from prefabricated brackets, components and accessories. These are standardised as individual parts, providing the option of levels to which prefabricated horizontal components can be attached to create custom designed assemblies.

Supported by a skilled and experienced scaffolding team, we at Lianjiang Scaffolding aim to provide quality scaffolding solutions to our customers. The modular scaffolding we offer is well known in the Chinese market for its reliability, durability, longer service life and dimensional accuracy. Keeping in mind the precise needs of our customers, we offer a wide range of modular scaffolding designed in accordance with national and international scaffolding standards.

Uses and benefits

Unique, boltless and simple connection technology is used.

These scaffolds are mainly used for ambitious and delicate scaffolding.

Made of aluminium, All Round Scaffolding systems are lightweight and therefore easy to use.

The boltless technology saves assembly and disassembly time.

Up to eight connections can be made in all round bolt systems.

Compared to other supports, these are flexible and have a longer service life.

As no loose parts are involved, these scaffolding systems require less maintenance.

The standardisation of the components used in the Omni-System scaffolds allows for easy transport and stock management, higher durability, lower costs and less risk of component loss.

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